VAT representative in Norway

VAT representative in Norway

Value Added Tax must be added to most goods and services sold in Norway. Foreign companies can rely on a VAT representative in Norway to handle its VAT compliance. A company with VATable revenue over NOK 50 000 in the past 12 months in Norway needs to register for VAT and file VAT return. VAT is filed bi-monthly or yearly depending on the company’s turnover. The entity is also entitled for VAT refund on purchases used in its VATable business.

The declaration shall be done through the electronical portal by the company itself or through a VAT representative. VAT representative can be registered through filing a “Coordinated register notification” application.

There are four VAT rates in Norway. 25% is the standard rate, 15% on the supply of foodstuffs and 10% on e.g. passenger transport services, hotel rooms, cinema tickets and holiday homes. There is a special rate of 11.11% for the supply of raw fish.

ECOVIS Ardur Tax as your VAT representative in Norway

ECOVIS Ardur Tax specialises in providing VAT compliance to international companies with activities in Norway. As your VAT representative in Norway, we can advice you on the best setup for your company, help you register the company in relevant registers, act as your VAT representative and take care of mandatory filings.

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