Tax in Norway

As in most other countries, various taxes are imposed in Norway on companies and individuals. Ardur can help you assist with your tax in Norway by assessing your likely obligations and advise on setup.

Companies with a permanent establishment in Norway, must file annual accounts and pay 24% company tax of the profits. Dividends are taxed as income.

Shareholders living residing in Norway, must pay a ”wealth tax” based on the value of their share. Individuals residing outside Norway and holding Norwegian shares must pay 25% on dividends, although many tax treaties exempt foreign nationals from this obligation.

Income tax rates are progressive. The standard rate is 24%, with up to 14,52% added for higher incomes. In addition, employees’ national insurance contributions is 8,2%. The marginal income tax is hence 46,72% for the highest earners, although everybody is entitled to some deductions for instance interests on mortgage.

Employers’ national insurance contributions varies depending on different geografic locations in Norway. The most common rate is 14,1%.

The standard VAT rate is 25%, and for more information see the VAT section.

Ardur primarily assists entities without permanent establishmentt or without company tax obligations to Norway. But we work closely with our sister company that provides company tax accounting and advice, including advice on transfer pricing in Norway.

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