Payroll in Norway

Payroll in Norway is complicated. If you have employees stationed in Norway, you must run payroll through a Norwegian registered entity.

You have two options for your payroll in Norway:

  • You can register a subsidiary in Norway for employment purposes.
  • You can enlist the services of an employment provider.

Regardless of the setup you choose, payroll in Norway requires you to report employees’ income,  tax deductions and national insurance contributions each month.

ECOVIS Ardur Tax helps international companies with payroll in Norway. We understand the importance of having a compliant and hassle-free payroll solution so you can focus on your business.
Our payroll services in Norway include:

Advice on the best setup for your company and an assessment of requirements for your company Outsourced or employed solutions?Will you need a pension scheme?Will you need insurance?Will you need a bank account?What is the risk for your company?What is the risk for your client?
Employer cost estimates How much will the total costs be?
Net pay projections How much can the employee expect to get paid ”in pocket”How much taxes is he likely to pay and how much can he expect to get refunded?
Company registration (if applicable) It is vital to pay close attention to the registration in order to reduce the risk of company tax liability
Assistance with obtaining pension and insurance We work closely with trusted providers, and can help obtain competetive quotes
Assistance with employment contracts Your employees must have compliant employment contracts, and close attention must be paid to working hours, pay, benefits and other aspects
Contract reporting If you choose to register a subsidiary, you must report the ”contract”
Tax card application We can assist with obtaining mandatory tax deduction cards for your employees, and also changing these for some.
Some employees may not be liable for icome taxation in Norway, but as an employer, you will still be obliged to deduct taxes.
We can help apply for an exemption to avoid temporary double taxation
Mandatory filing (a-melding) We can help report income, tax deductions and natonal insurance
Solidarity waiver As default, your client is jointly responsible for tax deductions and payments.We can help you apply for a waiver to release the client from this responsibility
Personal tax filing The Norwegian income tax system is based on all employees filing a tax return every year (selvangivelse).
There are generous tax deductions (offsets) available to foreign nationals, but most do not know they exist. Hence they pay too much tax.We can help your employees get their entitled tax refunds


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